As we continue to digitize negatives from our collection, we often run across some amazing photos.  Sometimes it's that perfect shot, or a photo that stirs emotion, or even that combination of a great photo and great story behind it. So we created the Photo of the Month page, and hope you find it interesting. 

 Above photo:  RWP# A28505B   - WWII US Army Photo - 1st Ranger Bn

DARBY'S - A group of fresh-faced American Rangers wearing British M1917 helmets from World War I playfully charge through the muddy bivouac area of their training camp at Corker Hill, Scotland, in 1942. Hailed as Darby's, after William O. Darby who was a career United States Army officer who fought in World War II, where he was killed in action at age 34 in Italy. He was posthumously promoted to brigadier general.  Darby was the founding commander of the First Ranger Battalion, which evolved into the United States Army Rangers.

(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Navy and the National Archives and Records Administation.)

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