2024-2025 REUNIONS - U.S. ARMY 

Last update: July 04, 2024

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JULY 2024 

24th Infantry Regimental Combat Team Association (Buffalo Soldiers)
Location: Hanover, MD
Dates: Jul 11, 2024 to Jul 14, 2024
Contact: Barbara Fitzgerald,(410) 713-0812, barbarafitzgeraldvfw10065@comcast.net

101st Combat Aviation Brigade
Location: Nashville, TN
Dates: Jul 18, 2024 to Jul 21, 2024
Contact: Jenna Brown, (225) 335-9722, jennabr225@gmail.com

Charlie Battery 2nd & 17th Field Artillery (Vietnam)
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Dates: Jul 26, 2024 to Jul 28, 2024
Contact: Jeff Wilcox, (616) 581-9659,  ilcox.j79@att.net 

AUGUST 2024 

9th Engineer Battalion (Smith Kaserne, Aschaffenburg, Germany)
Location: Nashville , TN
Dates: Aug 16, 2024 to Aug 19, 2024
Contact: Keith Rumsey, (845) 282-6488, girumz007@yahoo.com

C Co 2/501st Bn 101st Airborne
Location: Mamoth Lakes, CA
Dates: Aug 26, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024
Contact: Mondo Galindo, (562) 536-6328, titanmondo@aol.com


589th Engineer Batttalion Assn (Vietnam)
Location: Norfolk, VA, Marriott Norfolk Downtown, www.589thengineers.com
Dates: Sep 3, 2024 to Sep 6, 2024
Contact: Perry Blanchfield, (770) 366-4411, 589th@589thengineers.com

3-4 Cavalry Association (3rd Sqdn, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div)
Location: San Antonio, TX
Dates: Sep 8, 2024 to Sep 12, 2024
Contact: Dave Cox, (830) 895-1172, cox.a.34cav@gmail.com

504th MP Battalion Association
Location: St. Robert , MO, Hampton Inn Fort Leonard Wood/St. Robert, (573) 336-3355
Dates: Sep 9, 2024 to Sep 12, 2024
Contact: Tony Sills, (770) 330-5236, ctsills7147@bellsouth.net 

Retired Military Police Officers Association (RMPOA)
Location: San Antonio, TX, Embassy Suites Riverwalk
Dates: Sep 9, 2024 to Sep 13, 2024
Contact: James Hamilton, (210) 859-5437, rmpoasanantoniotosep@gmail.com 

Delta Company 782nd Maintenance Battalion 82nd Airborne Division
Location: Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg), NC
Dates: Sep 10, 2024 to Sep 13, 2024
Contact: Pete Hill, (610) 389-1041, petehill1956b@gmail.com

577th Engineer Battalion (Vietnam)
Location: Louisville, KY
Dates: Sep 11, 2024 to Sep 15, 2024
Contact: Tammy Beene, (615) 293-5422, tammy@knowbettertravel.com

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