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JUNE 2023

379th Security Police Squadron
Location: Wurtsmith AFB, MI
Dates: Jun 8, 2023 to Jun 11, 2023
Contact: Jeff Smith, (740) 819-5095, 379thspsreunion@earthlink.net

JULY 2023

AUGUST 2023 

20th Fighter Wing
Location: Fairborn, OH, Holiday Inn, 20fwa.org
Dates: Aug 31, 2023 to Sep 3, 2023
Contact: Gino Passaro, (757) 810-1676, passarog@verizon.net


USAF Aerial Reconnaissance Association
Location: Cincinnati, OH, www.phantom-photo-fixers.com
Dates: Sep 7, 2023 to Sep 10, 2023
Contact: Rob Rasp, (978) 604-5286, robrasp@cinci.rr.com

Wheelus Air Base (Tripoli, Libya)
Location: Columbus, GA
Dates: Sep 7, 2023 to Sep 10, 2023
Contact: Judy Moore, (540) 588-9946, jmmoore919@aol.com 

656th Radar Squadron
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Dates: Sep 12, 2023 to Sep 15, 2023
Contact: John Tianen, (520) 749-2220, jtianen@earthlink.net

Nuclear Weapons Technicians Association (NWTA)
Location: Oak Ridge, TN
Dates: Sep 13, 2023 to Sep 15, 2023
Contact: Janice Miller, (325) 650-1854, garjans@suddenlink.net  website:  http://www.usafnukes.com/ 

366 Fighter Association (WWII-2023)
Location: Omaha, NE, Marriott Regency
Dates: Sep 13, 2023 to Sep 17, 2023
Contact: Rich Wicker, (419) 357-3237, rich390tfs@yahoo.com

43rd & 305th Bombardment Wings (Cold War)
Location: Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN
Dates: Sep 29, 2023 to Oct 1, 2023
Contact: Tom Jennings, (765) 689-8011, director@grissomairmuseum.com


2nd Bomb Squadron (Hvy)
Location: Riverside, CA
Dates: Oct 12, 2023 to Oct 14, 2023
Contact: James Francis, (618) 920-1729, jhfranjr@aol.com

463rd Airlifters / 316th TAW Association
Location: North Myrtle Beach , SC
Dates: Oct 15, 2023 to Oct 19, 2023
Contact: Phil Tenney, (626) 822-0262, 463rdairlifters@gmail.com

Red Horse and Prime Beef Association
Location: Ft Walton Beach, FL
Dates: Oct 23, 2023 to Oct 27, 2023
Contact: Dick Aldinger, (407) 399-8937, famdinger@aol.com


REUNION LISTINGS ARE FREE:   To list your upcoming reunion, email details to: realwarphotos@yahoo.com

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